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Re: Do you guys mind having that one girl in your guy group? - November 12th 2011, 04:54 PM

You're twenty already, you aren't in fourth grade where people are being kind to you so they aren't scolded by mommy. You're an adult and so are your friends. As adults they choose who and who not to be involved with. If they do not seem to mind your company, then I would assume that is the case.

In the case of the one who seems to avoid you, either he somehow feels that having you around creates a supressed sexual undertone, or else he's just a quiet person. Regardless though, he could avoid you if you didn't enjoy being around you, so I wouldn't worry.

Regarding their behaviours around swearing, it could easily be that they feel that swearing is wrong and feel ashamed, they might be old fashion and think swearing in front of a lady is wrong. They might be trying to protect some delicate, intricate, extremely emotional, (non-existent) female emotional system you have. Or maybe they once dropped the eff-bomb near you and you showed a shocked expression on your face. This has happened to me, and needless to say I toned it down around that person in the future.

To answer your initial question though, I don't mind who I'm friends with. I seek like-minded individuals, and I find for myself, there are so few of them. So If I happened to find someone who ticks just like me I wouldn't turn them down based on race, gender, etc.

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