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Re: Possessive boyfriend! PLEASE HELP. - November 13th 2011, 04:16 PM

My ex boyfriend was controlling also. You have to ask yourself if your happy in the relationship. As much as i loved my ex i wasnt happy and after 2 years i decided that he wasnt right for me anymore. I didnt have alot of friends so i didnt have anyone to give me advice but what i did do is start talking to other guys w/o him knowing and once i found a guy that i really liked i left him and that was the best decision i ever made. sweetheart you cant change a guy. only he can change himself. By your post i can tell ur not happy trust me there is a guy out there for you that will treat u the way u deserve to be treated. so my advice is to just leave him. no guy is worth you hurting urself. u only have one life so dont waste ur time on someone thats not the best for u