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Re: 11 shocking things you now realize to be true - November 14th 2011, 10:45 PM

Originally Posted by Cosmo View Post
I agree actually somewhat.
Someone somewhat agrees with me? Flippin' 'eck.
Originally Posted by Cosmo
I think we do need less vaccinations, our natural defenses are becoming weaker and weaker. That said, I hope you agree that it's a good idea to be vaccinated against some, because our bodies are not capable of fighting off all of them.
I think that vaccinations are a good idea if the child/person is in an area where a certain disease is prevalent.

For example, if I took a child on holiday to a country where malaria is rife, I would get them vaccinated.

But as for vaccinating them against something when there's no real danger of them coming into contact with the disease, no. That's the problem; we're just vaccinating for the sake of it without giving any thought to the likelihood of exposure.
Originally Posted by Cosmo
I lol'd then realised you were being serious.

You believe not getting vaccinated has benefits? Fine. That's your opinion.
I happen to believe that beating the shit out of my kids every night is good for building character.

Do you really not see the double standard of logic?
The difference is that if you were found to be beating your kids up (particularly to the point of unconsciousness), it wouldn't take long for them to be put into care.

However, the worst the authorities would do if they found out your child wasn't vaccinated, is try to convince you why you should.

In simpler terms, one is illegal, one isn't. See my point?

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