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Re: He denies it ALL- - November 17th 2011, 04:57 AM

Of course he denies it. He doesnt want to go to prison. I suggest filing a police report. Even if he gets away with it, the cops would probably still know about this report, increasing the chances of him arousing police suspiscioun the next time he rapes someone else (really , there is absolutely no reason to believe he wont do it to someone else.).

also, it doesnt take a guilty verdict, or even a trial to hurt him. Being put on trial or arrested for rape, or even seriously investigated for it would be pretty bad for his reputation. Also, this added suspiscioun from the general public would decrease his chances of getting away with it a second time.

Who knows, maybe when the cops question him, he would be dumb enough to directly or indirectly reveal that he did it.