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Re: What's wrong with me! - November 22nd 2011, 09:31 PM

Everything you told me are basic signs that HE does care.
I'm going to make comments to your bullet points, also in bullet points, in the order that you've given them.
  • This is incredibly difficult, since I can't say much about this. I, too, met my current boyfriend when he was seeing someone else and so was I. I don't have much to comment on, since I'd basically be contradicting myself and seeming like a hypocrite.
  • Personally, I think he rushed it as well. Since his relationship was long-term, and they lived together, he rushed into a relationship with you, basically making you the rebound chick. It's not fair for him, and it's most definitely not fair to you.
  • When you found these messages, you should have confronted him about it instead of just letting it go. Those messages were personal, but he was talking about sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, while he was with you. Again, definitely not fair to you, and it shouldn't have gone unnoticed.
  • A promise ring is definitely a sign that he DOES care about you, and that he does love you. My ex-boyfriend and I exchanged promise rings during our first Christmas together, which looked like simple sterling silver wedding bands. We both wore them, but now that we've broken up, I wear a promise ring on my left ring finger given to me by my boyfriend. It looks more like an engagement ring, but promise rings don't really mean anything. Promises CAN be broken.
  • By saying you wouldn't have accepted the ring had you known that they had exchanged them, basically seems like you're oblivious to his part relationships. He does have them, and while he may have acted the same way with you as his other girlfriends, everyone is unique, and so are relationships. Some things will be the same, while other aspects aren't. Not accepting the ring could have ruined the relationship, or made him think other things about you. Don't act like he's the first guy you've been with, and you're the first girl he's been with.
  • Stop being obsessed with her. The more you think you're second best, the more truth is going to be behind it.
  • You need to stop thinking like this. I can see why when you bring it up it pisses him off. A guy likes a girl with confidence, not who doesn't have any. You need to think of yourself as pretty, thin, and amazing just like you think his other ex-girlfriends are.
  • If you didn't feel like moving into his home where she had once lived, you should have suggested you move into your own place, or you don't move in at all. Simple as that.
  • Pictures are memories, and people aren't just going to throw out their memories. I still have several pictures of my ex because I like to go back and think about those days. Does it mean I love my boyfriend any less, or that I'm still in love with my ex? No. I just like to go back to the good days, when I was young and free and happy, as well. Having pictures doesn't mean anything.
Since talking is out of the question, I'm not sure what else to say. You need to stop acting like everything is so much better than you, when it's not true. After 3 years together, you're hardly a rebound. If you were, he wouldn't have asked to give you a promise ring, to move in with you or even give you 3 years of his life.

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