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Re: Girls an guys; rate these personality traits - November 23rd 2011, 04:19 PM

Sexual History: 10-Don't really care how many people they've slept with, as long as they've been checked for STD's, and are clean, and they are in it for other things other than sex.

His friends: 5- If they don't like me, whatever. If they do, that's cool too. I don't care what people think about it me, so why should I care what his friends think of me?

Penis Size: 5- I don't really care, though size sort of does matter.

Drug Use: 1- Preferably no drugs, but if they smoked pot, it wouldn't make a difference to me.

Willingness: 3- I would hope he would defend my honor.

Religion: 10- Not at all important to me as long as their religion wasn't important to them. I am NOT a religious person.

Motivation/Dedication: 1- I like a man with dreams, and knows where he is going in life. If he's motivated and dedicated to those things, he's a great role model for me.

Maturity: 3- I like when we can act like a kid sometimes, as long as it isn't all the time.

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