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Re: Girls an guys; rate these personality traits - November 23rd 2011, 06:38 PM

Originally Posted by Acheron View Post
Breast size: 8/10. I love pretty much all kinds of boobs. Fake ones and wildly disproportionate ones, not so much, but everything from bee-stings to beanbags are fun to play with.

Smoker: 2/10. I really, really hate the smell of cigarette smoke.

Drinker: 5/10. I drink, and my favourite places to take girls are mostly bars, so it'd make dating a little more difficult if she isn't a drinker. Mind you, my favourite ex was straight-edge, so it could work. Only a factor for dating, anyway.

Weight: 2/10. Yes, I'm shallow. But excess weight is a very quick way to kill any attraction I might otherwise have to you. Not going to lie and say that I've never so much as touched a chubbier girl, but I don't like it one bit.

Her friends: 4/10. You can tell quite a lot about a girl by the company she keeps. Girls are to a large extent herd animals, so if she hangs out with bitches, chances are she's a bitch too. Only a factor for relationships, though.

Intellect: 2/10. Like a lot of these, it's only a factor in longer-term relationships. But if she wants to keep my interest, she'd better be smart.

Similar interests: 1/10. It's nice to like the same music and movies, and pretty much essential to have the same sexual tastes. Once again, though, only matters in relationships.

Athletic: 6/10. Doesn't need to play sports, necessarily, but slim and muscular is better than slim and boney.

Over-all originality: Not sure what this covers beyond the other factors. I mean, I like variety, but I think you're getting at something different? Like, how unique she is?

Sexual history: 8/10. I'm at peace with the fact that the sexually open-minded, kinky girls that I love so much will have had partners before me. When it comes to sexual history I care about whether she's been having a load of unprotected hookups, but not about her overall number.

Religion: Atheists, agnostics, and liberal theists only. No Scientologists.

Also, I note that motivation, maturity, and willingness to stand up to me aren't on the male list. Are you implying that none of these things matter to guys? Or that things like weight don't matter to girls?
Thanks for the responses,*

And no, I'm not implying that at all.... I just added traits that I personally am curious to hear what perspectives guys and girls have on them. Not because I think they're irrelevant to the other gender. I also wanted variety, to make it more interesting.*
This is for my knowledge, and these are what I wanted to know.
All of these traits can be either or, excluding breast and penis size, of course..
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