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Re: Girls an guys; rate these personality traits - November 23rd 2011, 08:43 PM

Sexual History: 3- I prefer him being a virgin because that way we can “learn” everything together and experience our firsts, but if he is not at least 2 or less partners before me.

His friends: 5- I try to get along with his friends but if they don’t like me I don’t mind.

Penis Size: 8- I don't really care.

Drug Use: 1- No drugs the only drug I wouldn’t care is marijuana.

Willingness: 2- He needs to stand up for me and be in my side.

Religion: 5- If he is religious cool if he is not cool.

Motivation/Dedication: 1- He has to have plans for the future and some sort of motivation.

Maturity: 4- Be mature when needed but also have a child side when we are together.

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