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Re: Girls an guys; rate these personality traits - November 24th 2011, 08:49 PM

Sexual History: 5. I care to an extent. More-so about the whereabouts of each time he had sex. Like I hate my boyfriend's last hookup because it was a girl he was cheating on his ex with.

His friends: 5. Again, matters to an extent. I will still be with him no matter who his friends are, but I will not be happy with him being friends with people who encourage cheating or are picked consistently over me.

Penis size: 8. Doesn't really matter, but then again, I've only been with fairly sized guys, so for all I know, it could make a difference.

Drug use: 2. I don't mind like a bit of weed smoking once in a while, but I cannot stand someone who smokes every day & isn't willing to cut back sometimes. I will not tolerate major drug use like meth & stuff.

2. Needs to be willing to do stuff I like (even if he doesn't necessarily like it) sometimes & be willing to work at the relationship rather than putting it all on me.

9. Doesn't matter as long as it doesn't cause constant fighting.

3. I'd say it's important but it really depends on what the motivation is. Keeping me happy & trying to figure out life, definitely. Working all the time & such, not really.

2. Important.
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