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Re: Girls an guys; rate these personality traits - November 24th 2011, 10:26 PM

Sexual history - 7 - I'm not concerned with much, I'd probably only be concerned if they've a history of not using protection/haven't been tested.
His friends - 4 - Relatively important, douchey friends usually spark a warning that either the guy's passive or a douche himself.
Penis size - 5 - Penises are important, but you can make most everything work. I just don't want an easy mouthful or something that's going to hurt every single time.
Drug use (Marijuana) - 2 - Only weed? Not a problem unless it's an all day every day thing. Other drugs would be a problem depending on type and how often they use. Anything like meth, heroin, etc, would be a deal breaker.
Willingness to stand up for you - 2 - If it's necessary, I'd want him to be able to. But jumping the gun on that kind of stuff can also be a very unattractive quality.
Religion - 3 - Bible thumpers or anyone likewise dedicated to a religion need not apply, but there's some leeway in there.
Motivation/dedication - 3
Maturity - 1 - Cannot stand perpetually immature guys.

Some of the things on the female list are way more important to me than these, though. Intellect for one.
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