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Re: Girls an guys; rate these personality traits - November 25th 2011, 02:39 AM

Sexual History-5- Would kinda prefer him not to be a virgin so he would know what he was doing, but I don't want to catch an STD or somethin.
his friends-3- I don't care as long as they don't be dicks.
penis size-5- Nothing to small and nothing to BIG lol.
drug use-2- I seriously wouldn't care if he smoked pot I'd probably smoke it with him.
willingness -10- I would want my man to protect me.
religion- 3- I would prefer to date someone of my religion but I f I loved this person then I would date them no matter their religion.
motivation/ dedication-8- He needs to have plans for later life.
maturity-2- I don't want a little boy in my bed lol.

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