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Re: I'm Late O_O - November 26th 2011, 03:10 AM

Just remember, like I said on your last post that if you kept stressing that could also make you miss your period, you could have missed or be late for multiple reasons, the morning after pill is one and not to mention if you have been stressing like I said last time that could make it late or make you miss it altogether. I know it's hard but you seriously need to calm down otherwise you'll work yourself up more and have a hysterical pregnancy which it seems like you may already be starting. A hysterical pregnancy is when you worry and stress so much about being pregnant that your body makes itself think it is by giving you "symptoms" like feeling sick or craving odd things, I know, that happened to me. Just calm down, take some deep breaths, do something relaxing and in about 4 days go buy a test to ease your mind even more because the chances of you being pregnant are honestly less than 1%, just calm down and if you can't stop stressing take a test in a few days. Take a few if you have to to calm your mind, but you need to calm down before you stress so much you get a hysterical pregnancy or cause an ulcer or something. Just calm down.

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