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Re: I Slipped . . - November 29th 2011, 02:56 AM

Hi, I've been there to. Feeling really disappointed after I slipped up. But it's okay, just don't get back in the habit. Being addicted to self-mutilation is really a hard cycle to break out of, but I do believe you are strong enough to overcome it. A trick that helped me was the butterfly method. When you feel that almost uncontrollable urge to cut, you draw a butterfly on your wrist, name it after someone you love, or who loves you and wants you to stop, and if you cut, the butterfly dies.

When you feel like harming, try doing one or more of the following:
Drawing or scribbling on paper
Painting, on white paper
Get a punch bag of some sort to relieve your anger on.
Listening to music that relates to your emotions and has a positive effect on them.
Squeeze ice cubes until they melt.
Writing down your emotions in a diary/journal
Writing songs/poetry
Call a friend, or you can always message me or someone else here on teenhelp.

Remember to love yourself, and that you are beautiful just being you.