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Re: Girls an guys; rate these personality traits - December 1st 2011, 01:27 PM

Originally Posted by LostAngels View Post
Rate each trait on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the least important in a woman/ man, (And please be HONEST, don't hold back for fear of seeming shallow, and specify whether it's important they do or don't have that trait)

Guys: Breast size, smoker, drinker, weight, her friends, intellect, similar interests, athletic, over-all originality, sexual history (amount slept with), religion.

Girls: Sexual history, his friends, penis size, drug use (Marijuana), willingness to stand up for you, religion, motivation/ dedication, maturity

Here's mine to start off;
Sexual History- 4 (Fairly important, hate man whores)
His friends- 3 (If I don't like them, it won't work.)
Penis size- 10 (Considering I don't enjoy sex, I couldn't care less)
Drug use- 3 (Preferably not a pot head)
Willingness- 2 (I want a guy who defends me)
Religion- 2 (Important because I hate every aspect of religion)
Motivation- 2 (Sick of dating 24 year olds with no jobs)
Maturity- 1 (Needs to have the same mental state as myself.)
Breast size - 5 (Farely important, but not decisive)
Smoker - 1 (Being non-smoker is a must for me, as well as a healthy life style)
Drinker - 1 (There is nothing I hate to see more than a drunk girl)
Weight - 7 (It's important to take care after herself, but not to torment herself with her weight)
Her friends - 10 (For me not important at all - I usually keep all other people except girlfriend far out of our relathinship)
Intellect -6 (Not really the key trait I look for in a woman)
Similar interests - 2 (Very important - if we want to have interesting meaningful dialogues often)
Athletic - 4 (It's a good thing if she is involved with sports, I really appreciate it, but it's not absolutely necessary)
Over-all originality - 10 (In fact it's even important not to be original. I love when my girlfriend is predictable)
Sexual history - 1 (But it really depends - if I want to marry her it becomes extremely important, I absoultely prefer virgins, or at least a girl with very very few previous sexual partners. If it's a summer adventure which lasts a couple of days, then I couldn't care less about it.
Religion - 1 (But not really as religion in its institutional form - for example I would be with both Christians and Muslims, but only if they truly accept some of its religion's ethics I find important.
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