Thread: Triggering (SH): About to slip.
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Re: About to slip. - December 8th 2011, 10:16 PM

Hey there, it sounds like you’re going through a very hard time right now and it makes complete sense that you would have the urge to go back to an old habit.
However, like the previous poster said, have you tried other coping methods?
Cutting does offer that instant gratification, but it can leave scars, physically and mentally, that you’ll carry with you for years. Would it be possible for you to go for a run? Or do you have a pet that you can cuddle up with? Even talking with someone online for awhile about something completely different or venting about your current situation can help.
Please PM me if you ever feel like it, I’m 2 years recovered and would love to help you come up with some new coping methods if you’re interested =)