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Re: I need to lose weight - December 13th 2011, 07:06 PM

First of all, anything which can say if you are overweight, underweight, obese, or average is most likely going by BMI. BMI is NOT an accurate way to determine how healthy of weight you have. You should take into consideration how much body fat you have, which can then determine how much exercise you need to do and how much weight to lose.

I wouldn't trust anything other than your doctor to determine this, as there are some false findings on the internet.

Either way, don't suddenly switch to any diet. Instead, gradually switch out some foods. If you switch it all at once, you will crave the foods you used to eat and not want the good food which can still taste great!

Definitely get some FRESH fruits and vegetables. Canned still has extra ingredients that you don't want.
Also, go with smaller portions. We don't need a full plate of Spaghetti or a full plate of salad, an entree, and dessert. That's just too much for us to be healthy. Instead, split food with a friend when going out. Or order just an appetizer and some soup instead of the full three courses plus sides. At home, use smaller plates so you don't feel you have to fill the large plate.

Eat with others when you are able to, because this helps you realize if they are done, then you should likely be done too. Again, LIKELY. But if they gobble food like it's air, then take your time Also, don't do anything when you eat. We tend to zone out on what we are doing and still manage to shovel food in our mouths until it's gone. So, eat with nothing going on around you. You might find that you're full or almost full before you normally are.

Try eating a large breakfast and then smaller meals during the day. Smaller meals can help keep you motivated throughout the entire day. Also, whole grains are so much better for you!

For meat, eat lean. You don't want animal fat. So lean meat and skinless poultry. Also, for dairy use non-fat or low-fat dairy products. Get Skim milk, though you can use 1% if you need more of the 'milk' flavor.

Fish are also a great item to eat with several health benefits. Hope this helped some!