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Re: Minnesota Incest Prank - December 19th 2011, 06:55 PM

Originally Posted by Briana View Post
My senior year of high school, we blindfolded the seniors on the football team, and the senior cheerleaders kissed the guys, but when they took the blindfolds off their moms would be standing in front of them, not the cheerleaders.

It's really not a big deal. Not sure why people are making it one. Not like anyone died or the parents had sex with the kids.
There is a difference between making someone look as if they've kissed their parents full-on and making someone actually kiss their parents full-on. The former is embarrassing but potentially amusing, the latter is pretty gross - particularly if, as one mother did in the video, you make your own child grab your ass. That enters the realm of sexual intimacy, and in this case that is bordering on incest and that is why people are less than impressed with this.

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If you're referring to dr2005's response, it's not complex, however, he has a way with words .
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