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Re: Minnesota Incest Prank - December 19th 2011, 06:58 PM

Originally Posted by BECCALICIOUS! View Post
I don't understand how people are saying that this is okay. Did the captains even consent to kissing anyone in the first place?

The whole parent-child thing. Yeah, it's not sex, molestation, whatever you want to call it. But if you were in that position to find out you made out with your mom/dad, how would you feel? Yeah, they changed your diapers at one point but how many of you guys walk around the house naked now that you're older? How many of you are still that intimate with your parents? And even though they are your parents, is that appropriate -- not just on a sexual level, but perhaps an emotional level of sorts -- to have a relationship like that?
I totally agree with you.
How it is possible that this many were ok with making out with their kids? That's so far disgusting, I’m glad my parents would use some common sense and not prank me like that.

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