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Christmas gets me so depressed - December 24th 2011, 08:06 PM

I'm not exactly close with my family, so I hate any sort of holidays. As much as I dislike school, at least it's a distraction from how shitty this part of my life is. I'd rather be at school or working actually. My parents are sick, and everyone in my family is so lazy, so my house is an complete mess. I just feel like absolute garbage being stuck in such a confined area when everything is so dirty and messy. And it just makes me bitter cleaning up after everyone constantly.

Not that I want Christmas to be so materialistic or anything, but no one gets anyone any presents. My mom basically told us all not to expect anything again this year. After I got nothing for my birthday this year, it just makes me cynical and depressed about it all. For my family, presents for birthdays and Christmas wanes down into nothing as soon as you become a teenager. I think my mom see's presents for 'little kids', the same way trick or treating on Halloween is. I guess I am being materialistic, but it just bothers me when you see everyone else in the world exchanging gifts for holidays that are supposed to mean something, but for us its just an inconvenience that forces us all to be together because nothing is open.

My girlfriend comes back on Tuesday from a holiday trip. My phone's broken so I can't even talk to her, I'm literally counting down the hours. I don't even know what to do on Christmas day besides cleaning and sleeping in as long as possible. Everything is closed early today, and everything is closed tomorrow. It's times like this where I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up a few days later.

/end Christmas rant