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Re: Drama Club - December 28th 2011, 07:46 PM

Drama Club: Act 1 Scene 2: Just friends...
The next few days passed for Daniel and the others, and they soon found themselves on the last day of the week in Drama Club, waiting for Ms.Gates to get there. Seth had preoccupied himself with playing poker with Nathan and Henry, even though with his now charecteristic sunglasses, the others couldn't tell his bluffs. Sela had to keep herself from walking up and grabbing her new friend's glasses, that way they could see the enigma's that were his eyes.
"Nom nom nom." Everyone jumped as Rose made that sound, asleep in her desk and dreaming about food.
"Does the girl ever not think about food?" Seth asked, looking up from his cards.
"Yes, sometimes she thinks about charecters from the various stories she reads." Henry said as he showed his hand. Seth sighed and gave some of his money to Henry.
"Gaah! We need to play a game I can win at! Like pool or something." Nathan yelled as he threw his arms up in defeat. Seth merely chuckled as Ms.Gates walked into the classroom, her heels sounding like gun fire to Sela's ears.
"Hello club! Today we have a choice of what we're going to act out! We have two choices! Romeo and Juliet, a true classic, and then we have-"
"Romeo and Juliet!" Rose yelled as she woke up from her nap.
"Anyone else agree?" Ms.Gates asked the rest of the club. Everyone answered in a combination of sures, yas, and a meh. "Okay then! who wants to be Juliet?" Immediatley three hands rose up, and Ms.Gates wrote them down.
"Romeo?" Henry's hand rose up at that. Then for the other main charecters the roles were picked, and each person had multible roles to play. They decided to practice on Saturday, and as they got up to leave, Ms.Gates yelled for Rose and Henry.
"Since you two are playing to main couple, I want you to get to know each other better." Ms.Gates explained, and the two nodded. "Also use this opurtunity for a double date with Seth and someone please. This'll help the dumbass become better with socializing."
"Sure, We'll ask Sela to do it, she won't mind." Rose said as she ran off to get her best friend.
"She WILL mind!" Sela yelled.
"Ouch! I thought you liked Seth?"
"No, He's annoying and arrogant and a complete asshole!" She counted off her fingers, the last word being on her middle finger.
"Wasn't your last boyfriend the same way?" Rose said, then tried to make an air grab for those words before they made it to Sela's brain.
"You were just trying to grab those words to save your ass weren't you." Sela said, malice radiating off of her.
"Uh yes..." Rose said timidly.
"Fine, I'll let you off this time, now let's call Daniel and tell him to come along for date."
"Wait what!?" Rose replied shocked. "Why would we put those two together! Seth would hate us for life!"
"True, hence why we're not pairing those two."
"Then who?"
"Just wait." Sela said. Rose woke up the next morning, and sighed as she tried to think about what form of torture she would have to endure today.
"Ohh! I knew I shoudn't have said that! But the words just slipped out!" Rose said to her pet cat, who just curled up into a ball. "Ugh! You're no help at all! You know, for a cat you don't talk much." Rose said as she heard her doorbell ring. She went downstairs and opened it for Henry, Seth, and Daniel. It was obvious how different the three of them were, with Henry's blue shirt and jeans, the jeans sagging and complimenting his size and stature, Daniel's black jeans and black shirt, with his long hair giving him a rough look, and Seth, with a loose red shirt, and tan baggy pants making him look frail, combined with his sunglasses making him look like a stoner.
"Where we going?" Seth asked, before walking over and picking up Rose's kitten. He proceeded the pet the cat, who fell apart in his arms and began to purr. "What? Never seen a guy hold a kitty before?" He said, and everyone just laughed it off.
They all walked over to the fast food place in town, and sat down, and then Rose realised Sela's plan when she saw Seth fidgetting uncomfortably while sitting next to Henry. Rose sat with Daniel, and used every little opurtunity to check him out or flirt with him as the foursome talked.
"Someone explain why Sela put Henry and Seth together for a date please. Are they secretly gay for each other or something?" Daniel asked.
"Gog knows with Sela." Rose said, hoping her face didn't say otherwise.
"Oh well, I don't care who i'm on date with, as long as I get free food." Henry said with laugh.
"Meh, I don't care." Seth said absentmindedly, seeming more focused on doing his hand ritual than talking with anyone.
"Hey Seth, why do you do that with your hand?" Rose asked
"I don't know, just helps to calm me." He replied.
"Do you have any hobbies?"
"Card games, gambling, video games, and books I guess." He said.
"Do you draw or write stories?"
"I'm crappy artist, crappy writer." He said blunty.
"I'm betting Sela would be willing to help you with your stories, and I could help you with art." Rose said with a smile.
"Is this something I need to be a normal person in highschool?"
"It helps."
"Ok then, I'll do it." He said, finally taking a small drink out of his pop. After about an hour of getting to know Seth, everyone left back to their house, with Rose secretly following Seth. She followed him until she saw him walk into a club. She began to follow, but was stopped by Daniel, who grabbed her arm.
"Don't go in there." He said.
"Why not, and let go of me!"
"Keep your voice down." Daniel said as he let go of her arm. "That is a gambling club, I don't know how Seth got in there, or what he's doing, but it's a bad idea to try and follow him." He explained.
"Fine then. What do you think we should do then?"
"About what?"
"It's obvious you have some kind of thing for Seth Daniel. Don't you care if he gets hurt or anything."
"I do care, but I'm not going to play baby sitter, i'm not the Drama Club."
"You're in Drama Club though!" Rose argued back.
"Look, let's talk about this later, we need to get out of here." He said as he took her hand and walked away from the gambling club.
Rose finally got home, and went straight to sleep. She knew tommarrow they were doing Drama Club practice for the play, and she wanted to be well rested for it. Fortuanetly being a narcoleptic meant sleep came to her easily.

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