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Re: Help! My GF has a foot fetish!!!! - January 9th 2012, 08:47 PM

Originally Posted by IMaCrunk View Post
okay so my new gf is a hottie. she's a cheerleader and d.amn fcuking cute and all...but the other day she came over to my place when my parents were out.

so we started making out while watching a movie, and we both got turned on, and one thing led to another, and ya kno....

but after she took off my clothes she started licking my legs, then my feet and my toes, wtf?!?!?! i was hoping she would lick somewhere else kno what im saying, but she kept going at it at my feet...

so is this normal for girls?!?!? i know a sh!tload of guys who have feet fetishes and other fetishes too, but how could a chick have a foot fetish?

should i just break up with her?
Just because a girl has a foot fetish, doesn't mean you should break up with her. Put yourself in her shoes, imagine if you had that fetish and someone broke up with you because you have a fetish. If you love the girl, stay with her, but if you wan't to break up with her it's your call.. I personally don't think you should..