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If You Needed Me - January 11th 2012, 01:20 AM

Hey all,

Not that anyone noticed (or should have), but I've been conspicuously absent from this site recently. I suffer from fairly horrendous Seasonal Affective Disorder, magnified by lack of exercise, alcohol problems, relationship issues, diabetes, etc. Basically I tend to completely shut down in the winter -- last year it was so bad that I had to withdraw from college because I couldn't focus, write, concentrate, etc.

I'm feeling pretty lonely these days...broke up with my GF over the holidays (The Least Wonderful Time of The Year) and I'm watching with mixed emotions as my friends prepare to graduate and enter the "real world."

I'm sorry I haven't been around to help y'all with your issues, and if there's anything I can do for you, or if you just want to talk, feel free to PM or VM me. Hell, I could use a few more friends these days. Stay strong everybody, and know that the lights of love and friendship overcome even the darkest of nights.

If you needed me, I would come to you, I'd swim the seas for to ease your pain.


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