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Re: i need help - January 11th 2012, 08:19 PM

Hi Kate,

Firstly, I wanted to say welcome to Teenhelp I hope you like it here and are able to get the support you need. If you ever need anything then you are welcome to PM me.

I am sorry that you are going through all of this. It sounds like things are really difficult at the moment but things won't always be this hard. You say you have always focussed on making other happy and I think it is about time you focus on yourself and think about what will help you to feel better. You can't always be there for other people; sometimes you do have to put yourself first and that is ok. You deserve to be happy to. It seems like you have blamed yourself for many things which weren't even your fault. I know it can feel like someone has to take the blame and it is easier for you to rather than someone else but you shouldn't have to take the blame for things which arn't your fault. I can imagine that if I took the blame for everything that wasn't my fault it would leave me feeling pretty down.

It seems like you haven't really dealt with your problems and have learnt that pushing them on to someone else will be too much for them. Have you ever considered getting any professional help to deal with your problems? That way you won't hopefully feel the need to dump them on someone else.

He was obviously a big part of your life and it may hurt for some time that he has left. It must be really hard for you knowing the only person you trusted is not there anymore. I don't know if you will eventually be able to sort things out with him but maybe you will in the future. Perhaps he just needs some time and space at the moment. I hope you manage to sort things out

Stay strong.

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