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Re: Nickelodeon - March 11th 2009, 07:09 PM

I used to watch them all. I'm old enough to remember the good oens.
No Disney channel for me, I was all about Nickelodeon.

I used to watch:
Rugrats - My favorite cartoon as a little kid
Gullah Gullah Island - I loved that stupid frog
The Muppet Babies
Aaahhh Real Mosters
Hey Arnold
As Told by Ginger
Rocko's Modern Life
Tiny Toons
Double Dare
The Brother's Garcia
Angela Anaconda
Goosebumps - I think it's on cartoon network now
Clarissa Explains it all - I loved that show
Figure it Out
Get the Picture
Kenan & Kel
All That - I can't believe no one's mentioned it

I still watch Nick@Nite.

I loved taking a stroll down memory lane - thanks!

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