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Re: Help! My GF has a foot fetish!!!! - January 12th 2012, 02:13 PM

Communication! It's essential in all relationships, but as soon as sex is involved it's so, so, so important. I actually can't stress this enough. Talk to her! Tell her you didn't like it, or that you found it uncomfortable. If you don't tell her then she'll never know that you don't like it.

Anyone can have a fetish. There is no reason why a girl can't have a foot fetish, or any other kind of fetish.

It may not even be a fetish. She may have thought you liked it, she may not have wanted to go any further so used it as a way for her to still touch you without going further, she may have had an ex who enjoyed it, she may like it being done to her. You'll never know unless you talk about it.

If you want to break up with her, that's your call. But no one is going to be perfect. Everyone has some sort of flaw.

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