Thread: Triggering (Suicide): What's the point?
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Re: What's the point? - January 18th 2012, 03:57 PM

Sophie, love, first off that's not stupid at all. Feeling like there's no real reason to keep going, like therapy isn't working, and like you don't wanna wake up some mornings is what happens when you're depressed. Often it's a result of feeling outof place or maybe getting hurt one too many times. I've been there pretty recently to be honest. The thing that pulls me back is always the same: I don't wanna give up on the world. You're 17. So I'm gonna assume there are places on this earth you havent seen...beautiful ones and probly lots of them. There are people who you would adore who you've never met. There is someone out there who needs your kindness. Maybe it's a girl quite like you who's going through a lot, someone younger who would look up to you. Maybe it's a stray who could use a home. You have one gift to give the world and that gift is you. So please stay. Stay because you're deeply loved and because you're needed here.

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