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Re: According to article, "Gays are better parents." - January 19th 2012, 07:24 AM

So everyone has commented that sexuality has nothing to do with how well people will raise kids. Some people even got annoyed by the article... even though the article said that gays make better parents because they have to work harder to adopt, be screened, etc.

The article is saying the same thing that everyone has replied saying, it is not saying that by virtue of being gay you have some kind of 'good parent gene'.

But I'm pretty sure that's the whole point of the article, that sexuality has nothing to do with how well or badly kids will be raised. Look at it from the other way around. It starts off with a quote from the pope himself about how children need heterosexual homes. Which is a common argument on the right (children need a mother and father, a same sex couple can't raise a child because they will be abused by wider society, the children will be confused about gender roles etc etc).

To me this article isn't saying "Gays = good parents", it's saying that loving and dedicated people who choose to be parents are generally better at it than those who aren't/don't, which really is a no brainer. Which means that just because you're gay or straight your children aren't going to be screwed up. Your kids don't care about your sexuality, they care how they are raised and loved and cared for.

This article is more about disproving the idea that kids need a mummy and daddy to be well adjusted, than proving that homosexuals are superior parents.

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