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Re: Need an excuse to NOT take PE this year. - January 20th 2012, 01:59 AM

My school only requires 3 yrs of math 3 yrs of science, which will be done this year.
3yrs of social studies
4yrs of math
4.5 credits worth of general electives,
1 year of fine arts
1 year of PE (Which honestly shouldn't even be required, creates to much of the elitism attitude. plus it's easier to do it at once, and I planned it for senior year as well.)
1yrs of direct electives
1yrs of computer sciences.
.5 year of economics

I NEED to take the general electives next year. I used the first 3 years of school to focus on what I needed to finish. Meaning math, science and what not.
I generally enjoy PE, I enjoy working out. I am fit to take the class, but I will have that on my mind during my chemistry class, then go to pe, work out, get tired, then go to math and not focus on that as much.
Whenever I take a PE class (At least in middle school) my other grades suffered from it. I was always worried about what we were doing in that class, during every other class. I also already have my senior year planned out, or at least a basic idea of it, and if I have to I will break my freaking leg, cause I DIDN'T EVEN CHOOSE THIS CLASS!.
I can completely drop a class and leave the period open if I have to.
The electives at my school really don't give that much homework.