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Smile Re: Im Sick of My Life - January 22nd 2012, 11:24 PM

hey sweety,
i hope that you are feeling better. i had that happen to me too, i know that it may seem like i have had a bunch of crapp, happen to me, but the only good thing that comes out of it is the simple fact that i can be there for others that have had to go thru the same thing as i did.
im not an expert at giving advice but it sure feels good to be able to help someone else out, and know that i may have saved them anoher day, or hour, or even miniute.
idk what kind of 'disease' or STD that your mom passed to you, but i know how it feels to live with something that you know that you cant get ride of.
I wasnt born with anything, or at least thats what my biological mother vtells me. I dont really know her that well, she ma have lied to me but anyways i just cant figure that out.
I was raped when i was 16 years old, he was my bf and we didnt get tested before we had oral that first time, and he never told me that he had anything wrong with him, you know a std or anything... but the night i went over to his house without my parents knowing, he raped me, i was scared to tell bc i wasnt suposeto leave the house that night and they would have to make a big deal of it.
but 2.5 years later i went to go get a female pap and i got bad results. i dont even remember if i had had a bad one before or not, but neways if i did i didnt know; i found out that i had an uncourable STD and that if i had sex with a guy i had to tell him and be careful not to give it to him
it wasnt your fault, and it wasnt mine that we have these things, but we MUST remember that we are lovable. we will find that one person that likes us for us, and not judge bc they dont care what we have been through....
(i hope that you can pull through it, and just remember that any man/boy that canmt accept you for you, isn't worth a miniute of your time.)

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