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Re: Do girls only approach once? - January 28th 2012, 05:11 PM

Originally Posted by Zelophobia View Post
Since they were gutsy the first time and approached you, they probably expected you to approach them more often as well. Approaching someone you don't know very well is a gutsy move, and since guys usually make the first move, these girls are full of confidence. Since you're shy, maybe they sensed that and decided not to approach you for a second time because confidence is a huge turn on for girls. Since they talked to you first, take a chance and talk to him. They had guts to approach you first, so take a deep breath and jump right in!
But how can I know if they're interested?

Let me give you an example:
I was talking to a group of people, when these 2 girls from my class came up smiling while saying "Hey <my name here>!" and jumping, and started talking to me and asking questions.

One of these girls approached me later too, and asked me to 'tell her about myself'. She also always made long eye contact and smiled in the classroom.

Another one made long eye contact and smiled in the classroom too.

They used to make long eye contact and smile for at least a month or two. However, they gradually stopped doing that, but they still smiled whenever our eyes met.

Why didn't they come up and talk to me again? Did they not realize that I'm very shy?

What I noticed, however, is that I get approached whenever I'm hanging out outside of school. I don't get approached, say, after the lesson, for example. Probably because I'm always the last one to go out of the classroom.