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Question Am I reading to much in to things? - January 29th 2012, 05:55 PM

So I met this guy well heís actually my sisters friend, I have met him a few times and he is a very friendly person he says hello when ever I see him, he I very polite.

So anyway I went to London with my sister and her boyfriend and he tagged along, before we went I was a bit worried as I donít really know him but anyway when we were in the shop he walked in and did a sort of dance I looked at him like what the fuck and he laughed so I laughed. He didnít really speak much but I felt comfortable with him, he laughed at my jokes and he laughed at my jokes and my sarcasm. Well when we were in London he sat next to me on the tube and when we ate he is a sweet guy and I think I kinda like him but anyway later on we went Camden market and sometimes he would stand quite close to me and some times he would keep his distance. Well on the tube ride home I sat opposite my sister and her boyfriend and he sat one seat away from them but on the same side anyway on the way back I noticed he kept staring at me a lot sometime I would catch him and smile and some times he would catch me looking at him and I just pretended to look at the sign above his head, my sister was being silly with her boyfriend and we all laughed and it was quiet a good day.

When we got back him, my sister and her boyfriend all went out quickly and they all said see you in a bit including him who always says bye when he leaves, they came back for a bit and smiled again instead of saying hello they stayed in for a bit before they all went out again but this time when they went out none of them said bye or see you in a bit, but the boy he just stared at me I smiled and he left and when they came back later he didnít come back but I went back to my mums at nine so I donít know if he came back or not.

Anyway I was just wanted to knew if you think I was reading to much into things? Am I just being overly crunchy? I donít really know him and I have only met him a few times and he might just be polite?

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