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Re: Do girls only approach once? - January 30th 2012, 02:16 AM

Originally Posted by nameless428
But how can I know if they're interested?

Let me give you an example:
I was talking to a group of people, when these 2 girls from my class came up smiling while saying "Hey <my name here>!" and jumping, and started talking to me and asking questions.

One of these girls approached me later too, and asked me to 'tell her about myself'. She also always made long eye contact and smiled in the classroom.

Another one made long eye contact and smiled in the classroom too.
You just answered your own question. =) You can never be 100% sure if someone likes you... unless they flat-out say so! Body language is a great indicator, though, and from what you've described, those girls were definitely interested in you. They went out of their way to learn more about you.

Originally Posted by nameless428
They used to make long eye contact and smile for at least a month or two. However, they gradually stopped doing that, but they still smiled whenever our eyes met.

Why didn't they come up and talk to me again? Did they not realize that I'm very shy?
These girls can't read your mind. It looks like they made the effort, but you didn't reciprocate, so they figured you weren't interested and they backed off. If you want something to happen, you need to put in at least as much effort, if not more effort. Girls generally like to be pursued. They want to make their feelings known by using body language, initiating conversations, etc. and then they want to see how you'll proceed from there.