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Re: It's everywhere - February 3rd 2012, 01:38 AM

All I can say is you gotta both get out of that house AND you need to get yourself some help. Living in the home you are now is a dangerous and toxic environment for you because of the drugs and drinking. Parents should NOT be doing that when they have children and you should not be exposed to that. For your own sake, go to the school counceler and tell him/her the situation. About your home environment but also how you've been feeling. Your home environment is adding to why you feel the way you are, but reguardless you gotta talk to someone. I know you feel like you can't do it anymore, but thats why its so necessary right now that you see someone. You don't want to die, I know you don't. Nobody thats ever made a suicide post on here TRULY wants to die. You wanna know how I know? Because if they did, they would have never made a post about it. Maybe you won't admit it, but deep down you still have a shred of hope that someone is gonna help you get out of this situation. That you will go on to live your life. And thats exactly what you should do. There's a reason why you are here, there's a reason why everyone is here. And until we fulfill that reason, we don't leave. And you know something else? You're lucky. You're lucky because you are living. my mother's cousin died when he was only 3. You know how? He was outside playing in the front yard and a plane literally fell straight out of the sky onto him. It was a true freak accident. He never got past 3 years old. He never went to school, never made friends, never went to prom, got married, or had kids of his own. He'd never know what thats like. You have the opportunity to do that. Be happy that you do. Sometimes, people don't know how much they have. You have more right now than my mother's cousin could ever have. You have your WHOLE life. He had 3 years. In the future, your life will not look the same as it does now. You gotta remember that.