Thread: Female Advice Preferred: Okay, hopefully this will get my point across.
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Re: Okay, hopefully this will get my point across. - February 9th 2012, 06:06 AM

Originally Posted by Teddy Bear View Post
As you all may be aware, I've been starting some threads about needing help with girls. Well, I do appreciate everyone's help, but I believe they may be answering the wrong question. It seems to me that people think that I just want to flirt, get attention from, and just overall have many different girls wanting me. Well, that was only just about 10% of my problem. What I'm trying to say is that I'm not just looking for one-time things, but I want an actual relationship. Yeah, getting them interested and just flirting is fun once in a while, and I know all of that is necessary in an actual relationship, but I just can't seem to find a girl that will ever give me a chance with her. And when I do, I'm too busy for her because I'm a total slave to my teachers. I bought a little plastic Japanese lucky cat (for $2.00, and it's not even authentic!) thinking that it would help me with girls, but now my "luck" has increased to girls rejecting me all the time because they're too busy, not because they're not interested. And they're not lying just to avoid saying no because I can tell. I just hope that little plastic cat wasn't a waste of $2...
The biggest mistake that people make is not understanding the difference between "putting yourself out there" and trying to "find a woman." If you're looking for a relationship, you can't just go around wearing a lucky hat and expecting a woman to pop out of no where and start dating you. If you want a relationship, you and her have to have things in common; this means that you either need to become friends first, or you can learn more about them before dating them. I met my girlfriend over a dating service and I've been dating her for over 9 months now. In no way was I actively pursuing women, however. I made an account and mostly replied to messages. I put myself in the market telling women that I'm interested in dating, but I wasn't anticipating anything to happen because I wasn't trying to find someone. Ultimately, the women will find you. Sometimes you do get lucky trying to find a girl that's willing to date you, but if you want a real have to understand that it's about long-term and not short-term. Having one girlfriend for a long period of time is much better than having several girlfriends for short periods of time, because the more women break up with you...the more hope you'll lose and assume that there's no woman out there for you. You don't need every woman to like just need one. Unfortunately, you haven't came across that woman yet, but if you put yourself out there...sign up for dating services, become good friends with females...I'm sure an opportunity will come up at some point.