Thread: Triggering (ED): I'm better... why won't he see that?
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Re: I'm better... why won't he see that? - February 9th 2012, 08:51 PM

Hey there! It can take a while for someone to overcome an eating disorder and/or drug addiction. I don't know how long you've been ED- and drug-free, but since you just met this friend a few months ago, and you were still struggling then, my guess is that you haven't been ED- and drug-free for very long. I'm not saying that's a bad thing - ANY amount of time is good! - but there's always the risk of relapse, especially during the early stages of healing. Your friend may see that you're okay now, but he may worry about your mental health anyway. If something stressful were to happen now, you would turn to others for help... but your friend may not be entirely convinced of that. It took you a while to change, and likewise, it's going to take ALL of your friends a while to change their mindsets about you and your ED/drug addiction. Time will eventually help them see things your way - but until then, you need to be patient.

I don't think there's anything wrong with giving him a Valentine's Day gift. I mean, why wouldn't you? He's still your friend, right? Or are you hoping he'll want to date you, and are you afraid he might not be willing to consider the idea because he still sees you as "at-risk"?