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Unhappy Excuses for scars? - February 13th 2012, 11:46 AM

I have to get my arms and legs waxed within a week. And I have scars this time. I didn't have any a month ago when I had gotten waxed. So I don't know what to say when she asks how I got them. I always get waxed from this one same girl. She doesn't make it hurt much
There are about 3-4 pink ones, these are the really horrible ones. In other places it is just like tanning getting removed where I had cut (single cuts). These will surely be visible while getting waxed. She might just guess that I cut. And in this one place has 5 brownish scars all close to each other.
I am really scared. I wasn't expecting the single cuts to leave scars like that too! ACKK!

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