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Re: All of my Poetry. (Updated ASAP) - February 20th 2012, 06:55 AM

Mallory - The Escape

Through all the gaps of your sick little traps,
I try to grasp at all the lies you sent to attack,
In this paper bag I hold everything we had,
From all the different fads to the thought of being a dad,
Now it's just sad how everything is buried in sand,
To be dug up by someone who can't realize what we had,

You were everything I stood for.
Hell you were everything I lived for.

I still feel the clash from being stuck in your clasp,
I don't have time to react when your claws are in my back,
Every little thing I lack is how you get me to relapse,
Almost seems your task is to knock me off track,
Yeah but I'm not the last, no I'm not the last,
You'll recover fast and put someone else in an artery-shaped cast,

You were all I fought for.
Hell you were all I would die for.

I still seem to love you, but we're two different contrasts,
But now that I realize I can stop living in the past,
Freedom tastes sweet when you look through the glass,
It's half full to me and it wont be the last,
I have grasped every lie and sent them on their new track,
Through every gap of your sick little traps.

You are all I regret.
You are all I resent.


Our brain takes the paintings that are unraveling around us,
Turns it into our past, we never make it last,
Force it in the back of the pack just to trap,
All the hurt and all we lack to put a smudge on the glass,
Never make it clear for us until we want to relapse,
Never take it for what it's worth until our wings don't flap,
Don't fall into the trap of keeping the good in the past,
Just to keep the bad up front witnessing your life first class.

When a baby is born, even in the dark its eyes burn bright,
Even when a baby cries, can you hear its lies?
Or do you feel alive for the very first time?
Do you believe it can fly and reach its dreams on a dime?
Or do you see it being sly being a mastermind of every crime?
Your paradise has a parasite just waiting for you to die,
You see the glass half empty every time you sip on the wine,
Never take a look at half-full, the way it was designed.

What I'm saying here is, "You never know what you have til its gone"
You have pictures, memories, videos, but it's still all gone,
Learn to cherish it while it's giving its blood, sweat, and tears for y'all,
Notice they wont be here forever no matter how much you scratch and claw,
Have those memories up front now and keep track of it all,
So you don't have to make the call when you start to fall,
Don't let your demons stand tall when all they do is highlight your flaws,
'Cause when we're screaming to the sky no one will hear, not even god.

It all came tumbling after

I'm way too messed up I can't even cry

So I try to lie my way out of time that's passing by

I'm too sly to start being dry I need to feel alive

Veins pump slow as I fight with my shadow in the light

Over who's right and wrong but the margins too slight

A fingernail couldn't separate the lines in your blight

Jack and Jill went up the hill but if they came down with nothing filled

The blood will spill and their voices trill til the hand shakes in thrill

Til the adrenaline they instilled within you is finally fulfilled

But when truth comes to shove they feed you the pill

So stand still if you will look into the eyes of the souls you killed

Look at the love they left in your till even when your heart became chilled


The water is ticking her time away
Can't seem to gain an inch
Measure by measure she starts to fade
She can't stop the itch
Keep scratching girl, it wont stay
But the truth rips every stitch
Til the screams fire out of pain
Your lies here won't fucking fit
So throw them up in disarray
But don't take cover when they hit
I want you to feel what you portray
So you can tell ME how it is
So I can stop judging your page
When your life is in the slits
No one can look at your face
When all they see is bullshit
Let yourself out of your cage
'Cause every god damn boot fits
But all you want to do is lay
And hate the world for what it is
I'll just let you float and never change
You can be the Captain of this ship
I'm not going to wreck the same
Just so you have a reason to live


From lolipops to acid drops
From soda pop to alcohol
From love forever to booty call
From first kiss to do it all
From honest living to a deal job
From active to a complete slob
From a smile to a constant sob
From memories to I can't recall
From never happening to after all
From straight arrow to break the law
From respect women to swing a paw
From keep fighting to hide your claws
From perfection to many flaws
From I can't wait to no more pause
From open door to change the locks
From where we were to where we are
Where has it all gone?

From knicks and bruises to head contusions
From confidence to straight confusion
From what you see to bad illusions
From winning it all to constant losin
From a life well spent to who are you foolin?
From in your grasp to always eludin
From always smooth to never fluid
From pat on the back to ass chewin
From peace and love to revolution
From little princess to prostitution
From bullet proof to restitution
From number one to substitution
From simple times to convolution
From humble beginnings to conclusion
From second chance to retribution
From ahead of the pack to just cruisin
Where has it all gone?


The essence of war fills his mouth up with pride

The one he holds dearly in both hands is corrupting his mind

You can see the light in his eyes when he shoots up in the sky

He feels tied to all the lies the metal wrote in-between the lines

He likes to think of his wife in the fight of her life

With her throat softly pressed against the point of the knife

Looks in the eyes of the man causing fright in his wife

Doesn't think twice, pulls the trigger to watch his face light up bright

Stepping back into reality has been harder than it seems

When the only place he can use the thing are in his hellish dreams

So every chance given he forces his eyes shut to see the gleam

Looking down the barrel watching the man fall and his blood stream

His mind goes wild trying to listen to him scream

He walks down the isle trying to get what he needs

One day he'll be dead, but will he be set free?

Jessica - I can't forget.

Please take off your mask, sit down and relax
The constant bombing around you wont last
I promise that, the clouds will clear fast
You can take off the cast that's been covering your past
Take a step into this gate but don't look through the glass
The caskets you see wont be you I promise that
So take this I promise you can see where they sat
Put up your smoke and mirrors in spite of the constant lambaste

Let me feel what you feel don't keep it all sealed
You can scratch until you peel but your wounds wont heal
You hide behind the wheel because you wish your claws were steel
Don't forget to appeal to anguish and all he conceals
Put in your memories, one by one in this creel
Sit it next to you and let the waves take the wheel
Let the currents take you away, but please be sincere
Don't be filled with fear what you feel is what you hear

But now I regret, can't seem to take my eyes off the sea
You never came back and I know you're not free
You're stuck in a new cage and it's all because of me
You got swept off your feet by the nightmare of your dreams
You know the place where I promised you'd never be?
There lies a tree where you fly so I always believe
I know I glued your eyes shut regrettably
But because of what you taught me, I can finally see

A girl named..

She trapped herself in her room once again
You can listen closely and hear the whispers begin
She looks into the stars to get answers from her kin
Closes her eyes and escapes from what's within

She tries to hide the sky from what's outside
She'd like to take the sun and set it aside
She tries to hide the sky from what's outside
She'd like to take the sun and set it aside

Too much innocence and ignorance placed within arrogance
Plagued with indolence and penetrating benefits
Not enough visions to tear into the incision
Of religion. There is too much of this schism

Too much right and wrong and not enough write and song
She feels this life is fogged into war we don't belong
Too much right and wrong and not enough write and song
She feels this life is fogged into war we don't belong

I can hear her sing, I know all she wants is peace
She opens her window for the off chance of setting them free
From the body of sea they've been forced to breathe
Their life is nothing if they can't make someone bleed

She goes from singing to screaming to make them believe
They don't listen, they just don't fucking listen!
If only she can get in their eyes and let them see
But their ears will be shut and they still wont listen

She wants them to breathe, get the ground under their feet
Let the wind hit them and have them stop grinding their teeth
But in this world, she'll never find peace.
In this world, we'll never find peace.


With my hands full of ambition and a body full of paralyze
I can feel my eyes tell my lies to never touch the sky
There's nothing left in this phony disguise
I can lie in paradise but all I'll see is this parasite
I can't fly this kite the light isn't on my side
I can't fight this war but if you fill me up I'll try
Time is the only thing that keeps me alive
So bruise me up, push to shove, I'll still have my pride
Cover me with dirt and blood until you can't see my eyes
I'll still can see the reasons why the sun wont shine
The head of steam you built will be nothing against my mind
If you took a peak, you wouldn't escape from what you find


If you listen to me today, you don't even have to trace

All you have to do is stay and make this heart I have a cage

So believe in the next page don't leave in this testy age

Don't cut the seam with this dull blade just bleed and I'll do the same

It seems you have no clay to see what I have to say

You'll see but you wont change, you'll cheat if you get to play

Please be free but don't you fade please release this hand grenade

When your dreams start to fray you just flea into this fame

I can't believe what you became, you let the greed take out the flame

Don't expect me to take the blame when you leave this test of age


I'm trying something different 'cause i'm not flying with the pigeons

I'm lying in my syringes with my veins sky high with my religion

Stop the crying and the bitchin, heat too high? Get out of the kitchen

I'm a writing magician get close and shine light on my visions

You do right, I do villain. You touch the sky, I make incisions

I'm about to die so say good riddens to the guy who beat the system

Through all the blight and the schism all the fights and collisions

Belief is slight with no ambition so grab the pipe and meet addiction

Life is life that's my prediction, eye for an eye is your position

You took mine so complete the mission now I'm blind under one condition

Still have my mind and all its minions so don't try and make me fiction

You have nothing else to believe in so stick by your superstitions

damned if you do, damneder if you don't

Let me watch as you put this hole through my chest
Those bullets went through the vest how'd you get through the test
You beat the best you cheat the rest you defeat the crest
And all it left in this mess I found difficult to leave for death

So now look at what you made me, a two faced piece of crazy
Walk one way to get what I want, the other brings me up safely
This is getting shady, why is it me they love praising?
When I'm fading and drowning in this glazing sea of pushing daisies

So burn burn burn burn, you worthless bitch
Take a hit of my drug, inhale and confess the itch
Rip my name off the stitch the ones you made your lips kiss
Prance back to your broom just to hackle and hiss like a witch

Fly back to your hideout to come back acting innocent
While you're there relax in your bath of ignorance
Didn't even have a chance to act on your vigilance
I held your hand through the long path of wickedness


Hello, I guess it's nice to meet you too
First thing you should know, I see right through you
I don't seek virtue, I wont bleed for you
I flea from truth It's the only thing that keeps me true
It keeps me true, it peaks for clues
Anything that keeps me a step before the view
Throw you into the flames to see if I believe you flew
Maybe it'l give us something to relate to

I feel stuck desperately swimming in this sea of glue
They lied to my fucking face, I don't see any blue
It's not quite beaut, there is no fleet of youth
There's just me and you looking for the leaf I drew
The leaf I drew, the one I always reviewed
Until my mind went crazy and released my ghouls
Enemies dripped in pools my loved ones became my tools
Maybe we do have something we relate to

I don't think I'll ever let you fly
You'll be lucky to even see the sky
You might make it out if you grasp this land
Let go of my hand, I have it all planned

I don't think I'll ever let you fly
You'll be lucky to even see the sky
You might make it out if you grasp this land
Let go of my hand, I have it all planned

I'm always filling my body with unbelievable angst
I hang out with Mallory and let my table taste
Get a good look at my labeled face with this lacerate
I begin to trace everything in this cable race
The first one to place is the last to sables base
If you rush you wont find out who my fable grazed
You'll see the blood but you wont savor the blame
You'll just wonder why you should favor the claim

Hop on the train think you changed your game
But what you leave behind will always stay the same
I can't lay in your lane I can't frame your fame
In lamest terms I can't prey what you portray
I'll torture the pain so you can betray the gain
While you move forward I'll continue to play with clay
Mold it into something that wont fade away
But I feel jumping will be the only thing to save today

Get away

I'm not a sage and I don't claim to be the best in any game
I don't want the fame or the blame for the trendy flames
It's not the same if you ask the Mage to blast the range
Put your cast away you're not a cast away you're just fast for claim
Same or famous? What's the difference when the pain trains us
When greatness turns us into brainless statements
You're not courageous for what you preach is just contagious
Stuff tenacious in your oasis to keep all your patients
It's your only way to fit your glove and call it love
So you can give everyone an example of Cholera
You polish us so we wont fall from ya call yourself a conqueror
We're just your Polymers to make you popular there's no stopin' ya


I watch the tears of the sun roll down your face
The moon told you to never play your ace
But now you've lost your grace trying to keep pace
With everything ahead of you in this life we race
So take a taste of every recipe we've made
Savor the chase of all you've traced just to waste
Every bit of it locking up your base just so none praise
Your fate of walking through the gate with your faith


It all stays the same
Along with the stars that I gaze
To make me feel there's a gate
To walk through and seal my fate
Of love and all its games
Please don't let me take the blame
It never stays the same


I still hear the whispers he sang, "I never came back"
He's still walking through the valley of death in his mind for payback
He's laid back but stay back from every one of his playbacks
They implode your brain on impact like just another frayed trap
Can't keep his mind on the prize but he'd never say that
Denial in his eyes reflect the skies and you can't change that
He can't relax, bullets replay and lights him up like a camera flash
He's stuck, he's candle wax, he's fucked, but he can handle relapse

The next day his tone is clear, a little too perfectly clear
With no inflection or passion no reflection of any cheers
He doesn't believe what he hears let alone his filthy peers
Never tries to swallow the pills they filled just to have their dear
With his eyes shifting he tries to calmly slay every fear
He whisped in my ear "I can see them, with every step they feel near"
I watch the tears become more real as he peals back his deadly years
Tries to sear every ghost of past so the future wont leave him here

He's having trouble grasping reality in his shadow-casting mentality
He feels like he's trapping insanity in all of his collapsing vanity
Feeling crotchety, pacing anxiously, waiting for his plastering apathy
Tries to kiss death with a hug goodbye from all of his encased calamidy
Would have been a tragedy watching him leap, bypassing agony
Honestly he forgets his family helps him escape from his fantasy
He constantly watches me makes sure I'm passing cautiously
If I stray off his path he screams until the shards rub off of me

I'll always remember him for what he was and not for what he became
But who's to say that's any better when all he knows is a bloody face
And all he can retrace is the maze he had to suddenly had to race
To watch the craze flood the parade of the pungently insane
He had to refrain from all the claims of all their brains becoming stained
They put him in chains so he can't change the anomaly so they stay the same
But I can see it in his eyes when he can't stop playing the fucking games
This man his dead, but his body lives on, he's still drowning in the shame


Holds his head down to keep the devil low to the ground
Still hears his voice tries to paint a smile but pops a frown
Infesting all around relentlessly killing the proud
Pilling the mouths of all the children with doubts
He's filling the clouds with loud thunderous sounds
Erupting ponderous frowns upon plunderous towns
Putting ruin into the numberless mounds of family found
Just to be renowned tragedy bound he's finally crowned
He wants nothing more than for you to contemplate suicide
To compensate for you and I to penetrate world-wide
Emulate the rip-tide for the demostrative insight
"Teach us how to drain life to congregate moonlight
Next thing on our list is to obligate our tools, right?"
Don't designate the speculated and don't speculate eyesight
Interrogate the pool of light don't negotiate when you can fight
Walk on a tight rope if it means you can formulate your flight

Jessica - I WONT forget.

She grasps the handles by the strings she gently placed
Resenting grace in every stencle trace she can't erase
The cracks on this shifty stage and the misty gaze
Shine light on new beginnings in this weary age
Here come the waves like a train shaking her brace
And she can't relate to any fucking bleeding face
So praise today even when you can't find your way
Just for a change of pace try to feign the pain

She painted life with her heart not tenacious mind
The gracious skies dripping rainless lies
Still can't say goodbye with impatient time
Shameless rhymes wont help me save my crimes
Shake my shrine collapse til I'm rightfully scorned
Deceitfully mourned til the bore is righteously sown
Anxiety flows within my binary codes
Propriety shown faces undeniably show fiery stones


In the hearts of the restless and eyes of the relentless

Breathless I lay here senseless tryin' to stay under arrest

But with the claws slaying reckless disobeying the rest

Swaying the crest of every praying guest til they display the test

But with being adolescent deaming myself benevolent

Dreamin' of the present til my demons ascend in

Breaking my glass fort gleaming of resin

Seemingly deafen my voice singing to decendencents

Of every broken glass, bottle, and every promise filled pendant

Regardless of any fucking memory lying within it

Pushing to my limits trusting every single minute

Gathering resistance shadowing persistance forget it

I'm mastering perseverance, I'm answering to the fearless

I'm Shattering the tears 'n I'm staggering for the clearness

I'm Capturing the feelings of every straggling dissapearance

I'm Balancing my treasons trying to flatter every missed season
So now I'm trying to gamble away every one of my thoughts

Supplying to the demand of energy that I've lost

Denying all the rambles of bad memories I've fought

Cleverly defying tenderly relying on the fog

Undyingly battle against terrifying costs

But when the blood clears I'll undeniably stand tall

I'm Defying the odds, trying to ratify the cause

Verifying my loss to stand on top gratifying it all

Writing and designing I bleed dirty from my palms

Cleansing my claws just to glorify my wrongs

Sing a lullaby to sleep nullifying the calls

Swing a paw solidifying every one of my flaws

I'm restoring the applause, I'm ignoring all my haunts,

No longer mourning in the dark, I'm Performing with a spark

I'm pouring out my heart, Blood coursing through my art

I'm reforming with a cause, no more laying in my coffin