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Re: My family is falling apart - February 20th 2012, 11:24 PM

I'm sorry you feel you are selfish - because from what I just read, it doesn't seem that way. You were going to give her a present. You had the intention to do it. End of story. Your not selfish because you should have done it earlier, it just means that you didn't have time, and most people would understand that.

Your dad seems like a Jerk. In my opinion, I think he needs help, and I wouldn't be surprised if he had a drinking problem. I was beat as a kid, so I know how you blame yourself after getting pushed, or hit. Its not your fault, it really isn't. No father or mother should hit/beat/touch there kids in any threatening way.

Don't feel like you have caused any of this because you haven't. Your father and mother have. Your dad with his verbal and physical abuse, and your mom with continuing to allow him to do it, is what is tearing this family apart.

I hope you know that you deserve it all. The best, the most honest, the most beautiful purest love in the world. Not only to be loved by others, but to be loved by yourself. To look in the mirror and think "Yes, I'm exactly who I want to be". To speak up and be proud of yourself. To be brave and open. You deserve the nicest and most caring people to walk into your life. You deserve it all, you know. The whole world...