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Re: Friend trouble, please help... - February 23rd 2012, 03:28 AM

Try your best not to think about him when you are around your female friend, but if you cant, then these are your main options:

1) Continue the way that you are going now - and hope that you do nothing 'ridiculous and stupid'.

2) Try to avoid your female friend and try to move on and build new friendships with people who don't remind you of this guy.

At this point, I don't think you need to end your friendship with your female friend - but I think eventually that someone needs to go, either this female friend, or the guy you like. Why? Because you said that this guy has always been out of your reach - so if you keep him around and try to be with him, chances are you may build up more feelings for your female friend which can cause problems. If you get rid of the guy you like (and get over him), then hopefully you can continue your friendship with this girl. I think it will be EXTREMELY hard to have both people. So I think this will get to the point where you will have to pick and choose.

I hope you know that you deserve it all. The best, the most honest, the most beautiful purest love in the world. Not only to be loved by others, but to be loved by yourself. To look in the mirror and think "Yes, I'm exactly who I want to be". To speak up and be proud of yourself. To be brave and open. You deserve the nicest and most caring people to walk into your life. You deserve it all, you know. The whole world...