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Re: Difficult dad - February 23rd 2012, 10:24 AM

You're not a bad person in any way. My father and I have occasional arguments but 99% of the time we resolve it peacefully. I'm not sure I would say your father is manipulative because there doesn't seem to be any goal he's trying to reach through his mind games. Instead, it seems he plays mind games, perhaps just for amusement and shows an extraordinarily high ego, perhaps to the point of narcissism. Normally I'd say it would be in the best interest of the family for him to see a psychiatrist but I have a feeling nothing good would come from it because he would likely behave and portray himself as a normal healthy father. Unless the psychiatrist can see through the potential lies or you provide audio-video evidence, it wouldn't go anywhere.

More often than not, narcissists are very hard to deal with and there's not much you can do. Your choices are either play mind games in return (I don't recommend it as it seems you have little experience and he has quite a lot), leave as much as possible, side with him to polish his ego for certain issues, intentionally provoke him (again don't recommend as it leads to manipulation which you probably have little experience with), get someone else who is more skilled at manipulation and won't back down when he gets angry (he seems to be mostly words no action), don't back down from him as it only affirms he can play mind games with you or try to have him see a psychiatrist.

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