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Re: Help - February 24th 2012, 11:06 PM

If you want to know why your stressed and depressed you have got to look at your life. When did you start cutting was it after a tramatic event if so then thats probably why your depressed. Is school going well or is it going bad that could be why you feel stressed. Did you start cutting after something scary or sad happened then thats probably why you started to cope with it. Im sorry your feeling so blue. Talk to your parents seriously I know lots of teens say no i dont want to tell them. I understand it can be imbarrsing telling your parents your depressed. But there your parents they want to know whats going on with there child they want to support you. You are not alone you have help its your parents you just got to open up to them and then you would have it. If you dont say your suicidal they wont send you to a mental hospital. Hugsss
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