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Re: wtf - February 27th 2012, 10:57 PM

Crying is okay just because your crying does not mean every thing is going down hill. Your sad its a normal emotion and crying is good it releases what is bothering us in side really does. Thats why we feel good after we cry and tired. Crying is good to release that pressure and stress and sadnnes your feeling. Let it out crying is okay cry all you want. If you smile more true it can make you happier. So if you want smile see if it works.

Life is hard dont let things get down hill trust me if your having some mental disorde rpromblems seek help now before its too late. Trust me I have lost my job and college its my own fault I know but my mental disorder were a factor. I need to find a therapist but it s hard right now. You can get through this seek out help and talk to your parents they want to help you if you just let them in.
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