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Re: I need some advice; crying nightly etc. - February 29th 2012, 11:01 PM

You may just be a chemical thing going on. sometimes we cannot control our sudden flashes of sadness. but we can control how we cope. When you feel really upset why not go dance like a loon to Imogen Heap? or why not go outside and just look at the beautiful sunshine.

But if you are really out of it and you are so depressed you can't even open your eyes with out seeing rain clouds, that's when you need to keep busy. Or you might need to talk to a friend. Maybe to talk about your struggles or maybe just to goof off.

about your friends excluding you. they may just want only certain people to their parties it doesn't nessasaraly mean they hate you. You would know more than I would because you are there but I'm just giveing alternatives.

I'd say the only person we need in this world is ourselves but that's not true. we need other people to support us. we may always be there for ourselves but we may not be always happy because social interaction is like the oil adn greese in a machine. it can run without it but it will eventually eat it'self up after a while

hello my heart where have you been
I missed you when you left
you ran away with that senseless boy
and left me dim and dry
like a faded flower in the mist

Come back my heart. you have a home here
In this place that is my soul
I want to feel like whole again. don't waste your time with him

Have faith my heart. You'll get a second chance
come back to me and you will not be alone
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