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so depressed. - March 1st 2012, 12:54 AM

Im so depressed...I see a therapist but ....sometimes when i leave her office i feel so alone..
I have no one to turn to at home ...
WHy dont friends understand anything, I try to tell my friends i feel sometimes like I just wana give up, the pain is so huge inside....and I just want to curl up and cry forever...
and my friends are all like "aww well dont worry ull feel better tomorrow, its not a big deal"
im so ugly and i feel like im not worthy of even being looked at...
I hate that i have to be alone ...I hate that ever since I was a little kid i have to be hurt all the time ....I always have to be strong and smile and pretend everything is ok...

Why doesnt anybody understand why is everything always "not a big deal"