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Re: Shooting inside an Ohio high school - March 4th 2012, 12:20 PM

Originally Posted by Eldora View Post
... and all these reasons for not having guns are a load of bullshit. And yeah, I said it, it's bullshit.

The thing that gets me the most?

You're not even residents of the country that passed the laws allowing guns in the first place. Therefore, you have no say in what happens in our country.

So back off, and keep your opinions to yourselves. Yes, this is a place where we may freely share our opinions. But at least have the common courtesy not to flood this thread with an unrelated argument, and create a new one. That way people who come here actually wanting to talk about what was posted don't see something that to them is highly offensive and get frustrated and angry.
  1. You need to realize that your country is no better than ours for passing a no-guns law;
  2. You need to realize that we have been raised differently from you, and have a more open mind to our culture;
  3. You need to listen to our counter-arguments, rather than repeating the same thing over and over. At least come up with some better ideas to argue the negative; you are beginning to sound like broken records.
And I'm sorry, but I just get a little defensive when my rights are threatened and my reasons for having those rights are called crap by a bunch of nincompoops who keep repeating themselves.
First of all, I'm glad you think public safety is 'bullshit', you're just helping the image that the USA has to every other country.

I never stated I have a say in what happens in your country, but as you said 'this is a place where we may freely share our opinions'

Aren't you kinda 'flooding this thread with an unrelated argument'? Hypocrisy much? Even though it's no unrelated to the topic of the thread...

1. I never stated that our country was better than yours.
2. You've been raised differently to us? Really? You have no history (200 years is nothing) and in the last two hundred years we only started controlling guns after to second world war. So basically, no, you haven't been raised differently to us. And your culture has a more open mind? Really? Who are you trying to kid...
3. I did listen to your counter-arguments and they're a load of crap, I didn't address them because there is a better place for it, and this thread isn't it.

And in the style if your last paragraph:
Sorry, I just get offended when a bunch of uneducated, trigger-happy Americans try to justify things like school shootings because they have a right to own guns.

Originally Posted by Caliber View Post
Not the 40%, but the precedent of homeowners not being able to legally defend themselves without extreme fear of prosecution and civil suit has only contributed to the massive increases in crime in the UK. This has been a pretty big issue there lately, I'm surprised you haven't heard of it.

People like to point out the UK as gun control "done right", but it's exactly not successful if your lack of firearms noticeably raises your violent crime rates. If you want to compare countries, look at Switzerland, which has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world, relatively lax gun laws (by Euro standards), and yet they have insanely low crime rates.

I also find it pretty funny that firearm debates seem to pop up around the rare, white suburban school shootings. Like Guile said, kids get shot every day, but it happens one time in an instance where upper-middle class America can relate, there's public outrage.
My point was that the 0.1% (in the roughest part of the country) is just a bit different to the 40% country wide statistic that was mentioned before.
And we ARE allowed to defend ourselves, shooting someone isn't the only way to defend yourself.

I didn't say that the UK had the best gun control laws, but please provide evidence to support 'your lack of firearms noticeably raises your violent crime rates', bearing in mind crime involving guns is still 'violent crime'

And on this website there would be a gun control debate on anything that mentions someone being shot.
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