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Re: Shooting inside an Ohio high school - March 4th 2012, 05:35 PM

Originally Posted by Boobies View Post

I didn't say that the UK had the best gun control laws, but please provide evidence to support 'your lack of firearms noticeably raises your violent crime rates', bearing in mind crime involving guns is still 'violent crime'
To be honest, Gun Control and crime control have pretty much little to no correlation of any sort. Firearm ownership has been on the rise here, and the over all crime rate, including gun crime, has been on the decline.

Also, just for laughs, check this out. A town with mandatory firearm ownership for adults.

Kennesaw, Georgia- Population Approx. 30,000

In 1982, they enacted an ordinance that required every household to own and maintain a firearm, with the proper ammunition for said firearm.

Their crime rate since 1982 is less than half of the US average.

Originally Posted by Banshee-Screamer View Post
Let me put it this way in a hypothetical situation . If you friend was shot and killed in a school shooting. Would you say 'oh that's fine my friends dead, I still want guns to be legal ' ? Surely if your friend is shot or killed in a school shooting you would want guns to be made illegal ? Yes ? No ? .
Here what my first thoughts would be:
1. Did they catch the son of a bitch?
2. Why weren't there armed police on campus to begin with?
3. We should have let a few teachers or school administrators arm themselves to protect against this sort of thing.
4. Why wasn't the student given help when he obviously needed it?
5. Why did the staff allow the bullying to continue?

Here's what my first thoughts would never be:
1 The gun made him do it.
2. Guns caused this.
3. We should revoke everyone's natural rights because a few people are emotionally compromised and fearful.

Originally Posted by Banshee-Screamer View Post
Guns should be made illegal now.
Never going to happen. There's been a massive shift in this country as far as guns go, and education is the new tool we've been using against this shit. I.E- teaching people to respect firearms, and teaching people to help prevent and stop bullying, which I guarantee you, will do thousands of times more what banning guns could ever do.

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