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Re: Party last night... issues of faith? - March 15th 2009, 06:01 AM

You shouldn't feel stupid. You handled the situation pretty well, all things considered.

As a male, it's our natural instinct to want to be with someone. I can't speak for females, but most males will snatch an opportunity like that and take advantage of the scenario. You, however, did not. Despite her best efforts, you kept a collected head and communicated to her that nothing was going to happen.

If I had to give you advice, I would say that laying next to her probably wasn't the smartest move, but you're allowed a few bad (minor) decisions when you're in a situation such as that.

You shouldn't feel stupid. You did nothing wrong, in fact you did almost everything right. If you'd like to avoid situations like this in the future, perhaps you should limit your drinking while around her, or avoid her all together. She obviously has no respect for your relationship if she still hits on you knowing you have a girlfriend.

Kudos to you for doing the right thing.