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Threatening loss of interest - March 10th 2012, 01:21 AM

Yesterday when i was at the doctor's office i managed to get it out there that i'm depressed and i have a therapist appointment thing and all here soon but my depression is starting to effect my grades as well as everyday life so-to-speak. I still have all A's but it's making my procrastination worse, and with the loss of interest i don't even get really pressured towards the end to do it. It's just like oh well...who cares? It sucks though because part of me still cares and the other part is just numb... and i can't re-spark the other one to care if that makes any sense. I just don't know what to do anymore...sure i'll be getting help but i just don't want it to effect my grades or anything before then and also i'm worried about how much this will even really help me because not only do i abhor talking out loud, i'm very...private when it comes to basically anything... saying out loud that im depressed for the first time made me cry yesterday...'s like i can deal with and understand it when it's on paper or even if i can't it's okay...once i say it everything comes crashing down... I don't know why that is either and now my brain is going into ramble mode so imma just post this...