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Re: What can a guy do? - March 10th 2012, 05:53 PM

Well see, this is a tricky situation because if you intervene to much - he may get defensive, and your friendship may have complications. I think the best thing to do is lightly mention it when the subject gets brought up, and simply ask him if hes happy with her, and for him to be honest. Tell him that you want to give him your opinion, which is that she isn't the right girl for him. Thats really all you need to say, and he will understand that you don't support that relationship, and you think that she isn't the right kind of person to date him. It will also make it noticeable that you can see hes unhappy, and sad.

After you talk to him about it, there really isn't much you can do other than support what he wants to do. I know its sucks to see your friend unhappy, and you don't want him to be in that situation, but really the main thing you can do here (besides talk to him) is to just let him know you are there.

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