Thread: Triggering (Suicide): it would be better for everyone
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Re: it would be better for everyone - March 12th 2012, 04:33 AM

You can't keep thinking like this. People love you, I'm sure your mom does. Think about how she would feel if you did something drastic.
You can't blame yourself for your parent's mistakes. It isn't your fault that your dad left, you were a baby for heaven's sake. You must be upset about your dad, but look at this situation from his point of view, or try. He must be scared to try to contact you because of what he did. He made a mistake, I hope he realizes it. Talk to your mom about him, see if you can do anything. Also, how would he feel if he found out you killed yourself? I'm sure he would feel horrible.
Your best friend's girlfriend probably had a lot to do with that text, I wouldn't take it too personally, if you can. He might not be a good friend to have if this is how he's going to act.
Suicide isn't the answer. It may seem like a good way out, but what if you fail? Think of how it would affect people. Suicide hurts, and it isn't your only way out.
Talk to your mom or a counselor, they're there to help.
PM me if you want to talk, ok?

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